« I wanna dance like no one’s watching me
I wanna love like it’s the only thing I know
I wanna laugh from the bottom of my heart
I wanna sing like every single note and word it’s all for you… »


3 réflexions sur “Notes’n’Words

    • Tara~ I’m still in your fable. I think that I should learn of the Salmon. Everyone should do it.

      Burning, you see !! I also like One Ok Rock !! YonYongie I’m in love with Bruno Mars’ new album !! JS I’ve listened Rachel Yamagata & loved her music thanks to you, MH arg I don’t remember the artists you’ve mentionned :/ but I like you !! hahahaha~

      • hehehe thanks, I need more feedbacks n critizises since I’m planning to post many other stories 🙂
        I’m so love with One Ok rock too since I’m J-rock lover before landed in CNBLUE’s dreamland ~.^
        kkk conciedentaly, I got my Bruno Mars copy hours before Yongyongie’s tweet, lol
        does he? omo how come I didnt know that JS loves Rachel Yamagata? n still claiming his bias? *slap forehead* she’s wonderful!!!!!!!
        minhyuk loves Akira Jinbo, he said he wanna be like him, to be CNBLUE’s catalyst!!!

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