La Sainte Colette [the end]



English ? Here ?   

Haha… Yay.


I would like to thank my new follower Yujie for her kindness. I’m happy and I feel honored to have such a nice new reader. Sourire

I’m not fluent in english, *haha ! my best friends – Zou & Gaël – can testify : “the WIND  ^.~* but I promise to make efforts to write in english – sometimes. ;p

By the way, she has a great blog, Asian Music Invasion,  where she writes about…. asian music (all in the title ^.^”)… And I invite Zou you to visit her page. =)

My other followers, Zou, H.P & Flo are wonderful, great, splendid  NO, it’s not too much ^.^  – too 

Well, now I have a problem : I wrote a “part 1” which requires a “part 2”, right ? Haha ! but I don’t know what to add : I planned to relate others things, but I’ve a goldfish memory. ~~><>°~~  I have to fill…

It was a wonderful day with my best friend, whom I don’t see enough *paboya~ !! *… The rest of the day, we laughted a lot, talked about our husbands x’),  and she worked, because we were on her Coffee Shop, Sha’n Tea ♥.

A little glimpse of Sha’n tea in pictures…


DSCF8681  DSCF8683  DSCF8693


DSCF8697   DSCF8700   DSCF8701

Zou’s art… ♥


  DSCF8748  DSCF6334




Tadaaaaa~ … That’s all >.<”


Few musical notes before concluding… Yay !!

All day, I had this melody in mind : Paganini Etudes n°6 by Liszt…



… Because of JJ Lin’s song 靈魂的共鳴 (Clash of the Souls)… I knew this song but its beauty has revealed to me today.

I don’t know why, whatever, I love it. Sourire




Sur ce, narvu ou pas. ^.~


4 réflexions sur “La Sainte Colette [the end]

  1. Oh wow ! Your blog is going international ! I’m so proud of you 😉 !
    Hello new reader, nice to meet you, you have really good taste ❤
    Well well, i think you are doing really fine in english. Thank you for the pictures (and the ad at the same time ^^), beautiful they are *yoda style*…
    I can't agree more with the sentence "whom i don't see enough"..
    I'll now go read this new website you so nicely talked about LOL !
    See you =)~~

    • Yay !! Je cause pas anglais avec toi parce que je force ma nature en le faisant x’) et j’ai pas envie… Merci, lol ! Rien de glorieux j’ai lu et commenté sur son blog elle a suivi mon truc truc wordpress ^^ » . Mais elle est venue commenter sous un de mes articles alors qu’elle ne comprend pas le français et j’ai trouvé ça très gentil de sa part.
      Mon dieu mon anglais… u.u »
      De rien 🙂 !! C’est le salon qui rend les photos belles.
      Ben si quand même un peu… Mais c’est une question de temps, je le gère mal.
      Il est intéressant même si je ne partage pas son avis sur tout… ^.^ Et puis je trouve ça puissant de faire des captures de clip pour les décortiquer… je ferai ça avec les CNBLUE, mdrr !! 🙂 🙂
      Bisous ♥
      Merci de commenter toujours, toujours !!

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